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5 Ideas to Get You Through Your COVID-19 Self-Quarantine

Well, it's kind of a crazy world out there these days, huh? COVID-19 has been dominating the news cycle, social media, and our inboxes for a few weeks now, and in the wake of school and business closures nationwide, it's beginning to feel a bit like a zombie apocalypse. Whether you're struggling to find toilet paper and paper towels like me, or you're simply adjusting to living a socially distant life at home for the foreseeable future while we as a nation get this figured out, I think we can all agree that this moment in time has been very interesting and complicated to navigate. 

As we attempt to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus spreading, more and more people have taken to their homes to practice social distancing and self-quarantining. While this process is incredible important for our collective health, it can also pose a negative impact on mental health if we don't take important steps to keep ourselves busy, entertained, productive, and happy. So I've collected a few resources and ideas to help keep you happy and healthy during your social distancing or self-quarantine.

How to Improve Your Most Important Relationship

I've always loved Valentine's Day. Call me a romantic or say I'm cheesy, but I love the idea that love is so special to us humans that we created a day to honor it. Even when I was single, I used to spend Valentine's Day either with family/friends or I'd plan an evening to pamper myself. My Valentine's Day celebrations by myself are some of my favorite memories. I'd spend the whole evening painting my nails, lighting candles, buying myself flowers, ordering sushi in, and watching either Romantic comedies or Zombie flicks all night in my pjs with my cat. ...

How to Conquer Your New Year Fears + Boost Productivity After the Holidays

Holiday Hangovers--we've all been there, right? And no, I'm not referring to the hangover you get from that midnight champagne you enjoyed a tad too much of (although sometimes I've fallen victim to those hangovers, too...) The hangover I'm talking about is that fuzzy feeling you get in your head right after the holidays end, when you don't know which way is up and it's impossible to focus. What day is it? What YEAR is it? What am I supposed to be doing again?

For most people the start of the New Year can hold so much excitement, fear, doubt, and confusion. Personally, I'm not quite sure where to start, myself. So as I've slowly built up momentum since January 1st, I thought it'd be beneficial to share my journey these past few weeks, as well as some of the tips I have for getting your groove back and tackling the New Year with a clear head, confidence, and intention, as well as a renewed zest for life, work, health, and beyond.